Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

We do not recommend that you stop attending a class, as this may result in a failing final grade.

You can drop the class through the end of the second week of classes on UAccess and you will not receive any grade. After the second week of classes, you can still drop the course for an additional eight weeks in UAccess with a grade of "W". (Note: These deadlines apply to 16-week classes. Please review dates and deadlines here for withdrawal deadlines for 7-week, summer/winter and other dynamically-dated classes.)

After the tenth week of classes, requests to withdraw will not be considered unless you are able to document circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from dropping the course before the published deadline. Please consult with your advisor if have any questions about dropping or withdrawing from a class.

Dates and deadlines are provided here. Please be sure to select the appropriate term and class session, as 16-week courses have different deadlines than 7-week, summer/winter and other dynamically-dated classes.

Please refer to the previous question in this FAQ for details on dropping classes.

You may use UAccess for the first several days and up to one week to add classes, depending on the class length. (For deadlines, please refer to the Office of the Registrar link above.) After this deadline, you must submit on online Change of Schedule form for the course you wish to add. After the first eight weeks of class, both the course instructor and Dean of your college must approve any requests to add a course.