University Policies, Procedures, and Deadlines

Will someone be contacting me and telling me when I have to register and when deadlines are for things like GRO, paying fees, etc.?

When you enter the university, we treat you as an adult. And as an adult, you are responsible for knowing the university's deadlines. Deadlines are listed in the Schedule of Classes and the General Catalog. If you have questions about deadlines, please see your advisor.

I was very ill last semester and missed a lot of classes. I notified my instructors that I would have to miss classes, but some of them didn't allow me to make up the work so I failed some classes. Is there anything else I should have done? Anything I can do now?

Whenever any kind of problem arises that affects your academic career at UA, contact your advisor immediately. You did the right thing to contact your instructors, but that was just the first step. Advisors can inform you of university policies and procedures and what your options are in such situations. It is possible to withdraw from a class even after the deadline for withdrawal if you are passing the class. You can file a late change petition, but you must be able to document circumstances beyond your control for the petition to be considered. Since your grades have already been posted, you could file a General Petition requesting retroactive withdrawal. It is much more difficult to get approval for retroactive withdrawal, but with adequate documentation such petitions will be considered. See your advisor to discuss your situation, and to get more information about the options available to you.

Where can I look up academic policies at the University of Arizona?

All the policies and university-wide regulations regarding courses, exams, grades, graduation, registration, transferring, etc. are available online in the General Catalog . If you need help understanding policies, see your advisor .