Transferring Credits

I have AP credits, CLEP credits, and also some community college credits I earned while I was in high school. Will all of these be elective credits, or can they be used to fulfill general education requirements?

Many transfer classes and exam credits can fulfill General Education or other requirements. During your New Student Orientation Session, you should speak with your advisor to find out what requirements might be fulfilled. If you fail to see an advisor, you might take classes you don't really need because they duplicate credit you already have.

I am a first-semester student at the University of Arizona. I transferred in 35 units of CLEP and AP credit. Am I considered a first-year student or a sophomore?

If you were admitted directly from high school, then for the purposes of required programs in the College of Humanities you are considered a new, first-year student. However, the number of units that you have makes you a sophomore. When you register for next semester during Priority Registration you will register with the sophomores.

Can I take summer classes at a community college that will count toward my degree at UArizona?

If you plan to take courses at an Arizona or out-of-state institution and apply the courses toward completion of a UArizona degree, you should select appropriate courses with the help of your college or department academic advisor. Provide your advisor with course descriptions from that institution's undergraduate catalog, most of which are accessible on-line (for in-state colleges, please access the Course Equivalency tool at Obtain approval for a course before you enroll at the other institution by having the coursework pre-approved by the Office of Transfer Credit & Articulation). Your advisor will keep the original form and will give you a copy. You must get a “C” or better to transfer a class.