LPPE Information for Academic Advisors

This page is designed to assist Academic Advisors with questions pertaining to second language placement and proficiency exams.

Languages Available

The College of Humanities offers online placement exams and Proctored Language Proficiency Exams in the following languages:
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish for Heritage Learners (placement only)

Placement vs Proficiency

The online placement exam is typically accessed via Next Steps Center and may only be used to determine the level of language coursework in which a student should begin at the UA. The online placement exam may not be used to satisfy the proficiency requirement in a student’s degree program.
The Proctored Language Proficiency Exam, available through the College of Humanities Instructional Computing unit will determine a) a student’s level of proficiency in the language; and b) the level of language coursework in which a student may begin at the UA. Only the Proctored Language Proficiency Exam may be used to satisfy the proficiency requirement in a student’s degree program provided the result meets or exceeds the required level of proficiency. If a student has met their required level of second language proficiency via this exam, then this will automatically be noted on the student’s Advisement Report.

Scheduling the Exam

The online placement exam may only be completed by incoming students via the Next Steps Center.
The Proctored Language Proficiency Exam is typically offered on a bi-weekly basis during the regular semesters. Students may schedule this exam at the following website:


Finding LPPE Scores in UAccess

Match your placement code (PR or PL) to the class that you placed into and should start with.


Placement Code Equivalent Class
2PL or 1PR SPAN 102
3PL or 2PR SPAN 201
4PL or 3PR SPAN 202
5PL or 4PR SPAN 251

Spanish Heritage

Placement Code Equivalent Class
2HPL  SPAN 103
4HPL  SPAN 203
5HPL  SPAN 253


Placement Code Equivalent Class
2PL or 1PR GER 102
3PL or 2PR GER 201
4PL or 3PR GER 202
5PL or 4PR GER 301 or
GER 302


Placement Code Equivalent Class
2PL or 1PR FREN 102
3PL or 2PR FREN 201
4PL or 3PR FREN 202
5PL or 4PR FREN 301 or
FREN 302


Placement Code Equivalent Class
2PL or 1PR LAT 102
3PL or 2PR LAT 201
4PL or 3PR LAT 202
5PL or 4PR LAT 400


Placement Code Equivalent Class
2PL or 1PR RSSS 101B
3PL or 2PR RSSS 201A
4PL or 3PR RSSS 201B
5PL or 4PR RSSS 301A

Contact Info:

For general questions pertaining to these exams, please call (520) 621-1048.
For help with any technical issues involving these exams, please email cohhelp@email.arizona.edu.

Other Language Contacts:

Please refer to the contact information below for help with placement and proficiency for other languages offered by the College of Humanities:
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean = Department of East Asian Studies
Greek = Department of Religious Studies & Classics
Italian = Department of French & Italian
Portuguese = Department of Spanish & Portuguese: (520) 621-3123
For questions about American Sign Language please call the College of Education Office of Student Services at 520-621-7865, or email coe-edadvise@email.arizona.edu.
For help with all other languages please contact the Department of Linguistics.