General Education

General Education courses comprise approximately one-third of a student’s academic program, or 33-52 units out of the 120 units needed to graduate. General Education includes Foundations courses in English composition, mathematics and second language, as well as Tier One and Tier Two courses.

Six units of English composition, three units in mathematics, and proficiency in a second language are required for Humanities students (second-semester proficiency for the Bachelor of General Studies degree, and fourth-semester proficiency for all other degrees). In addition, two courses within each of the Tier One strands are required: Individuals and Societies, Natural Sciences, and Traditions and Cultures. Within the Tier Two strands, three units in Arts, one course in Individuals and Societies, and one course in Natural Sciences are required. Finally, one course must fulfill the Diversity requirement associated with degrees at the UA.

Major updates to the above requirements have been initiated for students beginning in the Spring 2022 catalog and thereafter. (Please click here to review these updated requirements.) However, the requirements above will still apply to students who began before that semester.