Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

If I don't like one of my classes, is it okay to just stop going to class?

No, it's not okay. If you just stop going to class without dropping or withdrawing, you will almost certainly get an “E” in the class. You can drop the class through the end of the second week of classes on UAccess and you will not receive any grade. It is your responsibility to drop a class if you are not attending it. After the second week of classes, you can still drop the course for an additional eight weeks in UAccess with a grade of "W". After the tenth week of classes, requests to withdraw will not be considered unless you are able to document circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from dropping the course before the published deadline (and even this does not guarantee the withdrawal). Talk to your advisor if have any questions about dropping or withdrawing from a class.

How can I find out the deadlines for dropping and adding classes?

Dates and deadlines are provided here.

See the answer to the previous FAQ for details on dropping classes. In order to add classes once school has begun, you must get an add/drop form signed by the instructor of the course you wish to add. After the first eight weeks of class, you must file a late change petition in order to add a class. There is no specific deadline for adding classes, but instructors don't usually let students add after the first two weeks of the semester because they would have a hard time catching up on what they had missed and therefore could be setting themselves up for failure in the class. Please remember that any increase in the number of units you are enrolled in after the 21st day of classes will result in a $250 late fee.

I dropped one class and added another class using a drop/add form. How can I check to make sure that these changes in my class schedule were definitely made?

Every semester you should check your class schedule in UAccess to make certain you are registered for the classes you think you are registered for. If you drop and quit attending a class, you must check to verify that it was dropped from your schedule; otherwise, you might receive an “E” grade for the class. And if you are attending a class that was not added to your class schedule, you will not receive a grade for the class even if you completed all the assignments. Keep a copy of the drop/add form and all other UA forms.